Traditional Style vs. Modern Style

The decor is beautiful. People love to see, unique colors and art. However, when it comes to displaying decor, people struggle with what to do with it. They are conflicted to follow the traditional style rather than the modern style and vice verse. Therefore I am going to show you the difference between traditional and … Continue reading Traditional Style vs. Modern Style

Papier-Mâché Tips

Beginning the Craft Start with the basics of the Easy Beginner Papier-Mâché Projects. Don't immerse yourself, until you know you can swim. If you are new to this craft, start with light projects. Papier-Mâché Pots Papier-Mâché BooksPapier-Mâché Picture Frame Papier-Mâché Magazine Holder Papier-Mâché Pincil BoxPapier-Mâché Pencils How To Papier-Mâché I. Tear the paper into strips. … Continue reading Papier-Mâché Tips