NFTE’s Shark Tank Competition Ceo of precious designs, Jasmine Benton is one of three nationalists to compete in NFTE’s Youth Entrepreneurship Competition. Jasmine Benton will be presenting her business, Precious Designs on October 16th. This competition will be held in Times Square, New York City. In this presentation, Jasmine will be not only presenting her business but also … Continue reading NFTE’s Shark Tank Competition

Coco Chanel on Interiors

An interior is a natural projection of the soul. ~ Coco Chanel When I think of an office, I think of a space that should represent the worker in the best possible way. I started, Precious Designs because I believed this quote was true. From the furniture to the decor. The desk should be a … Continue reading Coco Chanel on Interiors

A Touch of Black

  Every room needs a touch of black, just as it needs just one antique piece. ~ Jan Showers                         DIY for Small Living, by Digital Magazine Related   A Touch of Black   How to Get Creative After You Fail   Functionality … Continue reading A Touch of Black