NFTE’s Shark Tank Competition Ceo of precious designs, Jasmine Benton is one of three nationalists to compete in NFTE’s Youth Entrepreneurship Competition. Jasmine Benton will be presenting her business, Precious Designs on October 16th. This competition will be held in Times Square, New York City. In this presentation, Jasmine will be not only presenting her business but also … Continue reading NFTE’s Shark Tank Competition

Re-Organizing Can Mean Re-Decorating (Re-Organizing Series)

Every person has a place for everything. We know where everything is, and where they should be. Often we are so familiar with where our belongings are, we get tired of the way we have them. However, if you feel as if you need to redesign a living space, try to reorganize. Re-organization is changing … Continue reading Re-Organizing Can Mean Re-Decorating (Re-Organizing Series)

Creating Your Seating Area

Creating your seating area is simple but at the same time, it can be frustrating. In order to create your perfect seating space, you need to find the chair you love. Find a chair that you can love because of its style and because of its functionality. How to find your perfect chair? Go to … Continue reading Creating Your Seating Area

Traditional Style vs. Modern Style

The decor is beautiful. People love to see, unique colors and art. However, when it comes to displaying decor, people struggle with what to do with it. They are conflicted to follow the traditional style rather than the modern style and vice verse. Therefore I am going to show you the difference between traditional and … Continue reading Traditional Style vs. Modern Style