A Mix of It All

My Favorite Home Decor My favorite home accessories are vases, trays, and pillows. Home accessories are key to decorating a space you may want to. These accessories should reflect who you are.     My collections are designed to show unique personalities. They are designed to fit anyone's style. Three Vase Collections Paper Mache Vase … Continue reading A Mix of It All

Weddings: Designing With A Beautiful Budget

Weddings Every budget is beautiful. It just depends on how you see it. Whether it is large or small. When designing you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy something you love. You can easily find something you will love for a much better price if you want to go that way. We can make it work … Continue reading Weddings: Designing With A Beautiful Budget

3 Main Fabrics Used in Pillows

Three main fabrics used in pillows; cotton, silk, and leather. Pillows come in many fabrics. Fabric's are made of fibers meaning, each fabric style is used for different reasons. Silk  Silk is made of protein fibers and will burn easily. Silk is washable however when drying dry on low. You may also send to dry … Continue reading 3 Main Fabrics Used in Pillows