The Elegance of Black

Sometimes you simply want a visual resting place. A calming view, a vision of rest - freeing your visual mind of the clutter of the day. Sure you can use the neutrals of white, cream, beige and taupe.  They will ge the job done certainly.  But since you were never "neutral", you elect to go … Continue reading The Elegance of Black

Design for you

  Design For You Design for you, by picking colors and textures you love. Not by picking something that is pretty and doesn't immediately spark interest.   Precious Designs, creates designs specifically for each client. Depending on what the client wants or needs the client, Precious Designs does our best to get them what they … Continue reading Design for you

How to Get Creative After You Fail

"Your failures can create something beautiful." -  Jasmine Benton Moving Past Mistakes Nothing is perfect. No matter how hard you try to perfect an item or a living space it will never be perfect. You may think you should be able to follow steps in a video but your product will never be like the … Continue reading How to Get Creative After You Fail

Weddings: Designing With A Beautiful Budget

Weddings Every budget is beautiful. It just depends on how you see it. Whether it is large or small. When designing you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy something you love. You can easily find something you will love for a much better price if you want to go that way. We can make it work … Continue reading Weddings: Designing With A Beautiful Budget